Why Not Investing in Innovation is a Cost new Team Leaders Can't Afford
Discover the benefits of fully immersing yourself in the moment of loss and how it can help you achieve extraordinary results.

February 2023

Maximizing productivity and fostering innovation through judicious time management and intentional meeting practices
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Cultivating a Growth Mindset to Overcome Resistance, Facilitate Growth, and Unlearn Old Habits
Evaluating the Hits and Misses of the Super Bowl Commercials using a Personal and Biased Approach
How Setting SMART Goals and Tracking Progress Leads to Incremental Growth and Success
Why Failure is Essential, the Benefits of Return on Experimentation, and the Importance of Building a Culture that Rewards Innovation
Balancing Communication, Collaboration, and Compromise to Achieve Successful Outcomes
From Blogger to Wordpress to Weebly to Substack.

February 2022

"If you can't figure out what kind of work you like, pay attention to what's easy to concentrate on and gives you energy vs. what makes you tune out and…
This post is part of an ongoing series of primers (e.g., short posts, long articles, etc.) behind my Big Things F@$t™ methodology: a practical guide for…