Welcome to Big Things F@$t™ on Substack, the newsletter that equips new team leaders with the tools and strategies they need to achieve extraordinary results.

Hi! My name is Jose, and after two-plus decades of leading and managing dozens of cross-functional teams across diverse industries and structures, I've discovered that I am at my best when enabling, inspiring, and motivating individuals and teams to achieve meaningful growth.

So after many years of journal writing, “anecdoting”, and chronicling my adventures and misadventures in corporate life, I created Big Things F@$t™: a playbook for new team leaders and managers.

While the actual “book” part of the playbook is coming soon, I’ll continue to share top of mind tips, tools, and provocations here on Substack organized along the Big Things F@$t™ way-points:

💎 DESIGN: Sharpening Your Edge

Stay ahead of the curve by elevating your knowledge and skills in key areas such as digitalization, brand management, capability building, and Return on Experimentation™. Sharpen the impact of your innovation and commercialization strategies to stay competitive and achieve success.

🚀 DEVELOP: Unleashing Potential

Unlock untapped potential in yourself and your team through a personalized approach (Progressive Engagement Mapping™) that combines focused self-development, curated coaching, and habit formation. Build bold, high-performing individuals and teams that are capable of achieving greatness.

📊 DELIVER: Driving Results

Execute with precision and speed, leveraging the intersection of strategic business planning, agile methodology, and change management. Demystify the process to engineer Incremental Value @ $peed™ to produce tangible outcomes.

♾️ ENDURE: Cultivating Growth

Cultivate a resilient, growth mindset that embraces challenges and seeks out new opportunities for learning and development. Persist and adapt through change, employing critical thinking, experimentation, and continuous self-improvement in the face of disruption and self-doubt.

Based on your feedback (thank you!), I will publish every 1-2 weeks, mid-week (Tues-Thur), and in the morning (U.S. Central Time) so that you have ample time to reflect and write down the one thing that you are going to activate and/or do differently.

Create extraordinary outcomes for yourself and others by actively exploring and employing new ways of thinking and doing.

One final note, while most of the content is free, please note that a few of the posts, most notably extracts (or previews) from the upcoming Big Things F@$t™ book, co-authored with Marcus Dimbleby, may be behind the paywall. I humbly ask that you consider a pledge; all proceeds will support the book.

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Welcome to Big Things F@$t™, the newsletter that equips new team leaders and managers with the tools and strategies they need to achieve extraordinary results.


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